The perfect day for lovers

Get kissed by the first rays of sunlight. Experience togetherness and silent freedom. The relaxation shared with your partner is calling for you. You long for deep looks by candlelight. I am your perfect day.


  • Enjoy a pleasant walk to the Sidelhorn mountain and watch the spectacular view.
  • Have your pick-nick with local delicacies on a beautiful meadow. It will have made the early rising totally worth it.
  • After your return, relax in the sun on the shore of Lake Geschinen. A jump into the cool water is refreshing.
  • A dinner by candlelight in one of our excellent restaurant will complete the perfect day.


  • The day will begin with a looong breakfast in bed.
  • The beautiful (and luckily not exhausting) snowshoe tour on the Hüswäg-Trail will take you to romantic snowed-in landscapes.
  • What would be nicer than to finish off the tour with a cosy fondue at Hotel Restaurant Rhonequelle and then sledge down the hill to Oberwald?
  • Take the afternoon off from activity to relax in our wellness area.
  • A cocktail from our bar and a romantic dinner by candlelight with a view of the lovely snow-covered landscape will make your day complete.