The perfect day for culture buffs

I will show you traces of the past. I will take you away to a historical atmosphere. I provide you with an insight of Goms history so you can understand the sacral artists of earlier times. Your palate will experience a sense of the past.  I will teach you how to find rest. I am your perfect day. 

  • A rich and cosy breakfast at the start of the day is a must.
  • Explore sacral art on the chapel trail in Blitzingen or in one of the beautiful baroque churches and chapels of the valley, around 70 in number.
  • Or get a closer look at our region and our people on a guided visit to the museum.
  • The packed lunch will give you energy for further exploration.
  • In the afternoon, you will march on the footsteps of life of the great hotelier Cäsar Ritz and visit his monument and his birthplace in Niederwald.
  • The day will be complete after a nice meal of the «Cäsar Ritz menu» in one of our excellent restaurants.