Kids love snow and snow loves Goms

I help you with your first attempts. I tumble in the powder snow with you. Sometimes, I wipe away a tear. I caress your cheek. I steady you after a summersault. I protect you from frost. Your sledge goes where I lead. If you take care of me, I will keep you warm in return. Hello, I am your little glove. I want to test the slopes. Preferably with you. Right now!

Snow is the most amazing toy. In the mountain village Goms, families can choose from endless activities without having to spend a fortune.


You think cross-country skiing is only for grown-ups? You should watch the children’s groups of the ski club Obergoms train. Not only can you cover many kilometres on cross-country skis. You can also have a lot of fun doing it. Play games on your cross-country skis, take part in competitions and even try out biathlon: anything is possible for kids on cross-country skis.

It is a truly amazing experience to glide along the snowy landscapes of Obergoms as a family. The cross-country ski schools are happy to provide you with information on kids’ courses.


Children view ski regions differently than their parents. They do not evaluate the number of facilities, number of kilometres of slopes or après-ski atmosphere. They just want to have fun as without having to rely on facilities too much. The mountain village Goms offers exactly that.

The precious ski regions in the valley with their wide and only slightly sloping hillsides are the perfect skiing location for families. The family-friendly make fun in the snow available for everyone. Additionally, many locals take their own kids on the slopes to teach them how to ski. Why don’t you follow suit?


Sledges and toboggans are very fashionable. In the mountain village Goms, too, naturally. Whether you wish to glide quietly along or race down the run: There is hardly any other winter activity that connects young and old people as easily as sledging.

Moreover, sledging takes some physical effort and can easily be done in combination with a winter hike. At night, it gets even more interesting. Install a headlamp and feel the winter rush by in the dark.