icn_sommerbericht Summer Report


  • We, 15.08.
    7° / 21°
  • Th, 16.08.
    5° / 23°
  • Fr, 17.08.
    7° / 21°

UPDATE 06.08.2018

Risk of forest fires throughout the canton of Valais
Since 17.07.2018 there is an absolute fire ban! (Official arrangement) Fixed fireplaces must not be used either! You are requested to strictly observe the fire ban!
Further information can be found at www.vs.ch/waldbrandgefahr

Hiking and biking trails
According to our information, hiking and biking trails are accessible except for the following closures and restrictions:

  • Rottenweg, Rhoneroute No. 1 (hiking and cycling trail):
    At the avalanche cone near Bettulbach between Niederwald and Steinhaus a passage was created. Care must be taken when crossing the snow field and the bridge.
  • Griespass via Sbrinz:
    The section Ladstafel - Griesspass is closed for the time being due to the danger of falling rocks at the Nufenenstock. The zone must currently be generously circumvented via Nufenenpass, Cornopass (map section). Redirection is signalled on the Valais side. 
  • Waldweg:
    - Diversion between Obergesteln - Ulrichen due to logging. Duration until approx. 8 August 2018
  • Reckingen - Galmihorn Hütte
    The hiking trail between Millerbine - Tomebine is closed for the time being due to damage.

Safety information
The considerable amounts of snow last winter have left their mark. At higher altitudes or in protected areas there may still be some snow. For this reason, markings and signals may still be hidden under the snow or may not yet have been installed. Great care must be taken when crossing snow fields and avalanche cones. We recommend good equipment, hiking poles, hiking maps or detailed hiking documentation for the hike.

Sincerely, your Obergoms