SchlafenEssen-Camping Camping in the mountain village Goms – Freedom beneath the starry sky

I love nature. The stars are the only light I need. The moon is my headlamp. The sky my roof. The storm is my unsolicited acquaintance. Freedom is my hymn and the whole world my home. It is very nice to meet you. I am camping in Goms.

A word of advice: Arriving in Goms is possible via pass roads or by car train. Check in advance for trains that load caravans or motor homes.


Are you new to the camping experience? Make sure you consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Choose your campsite carefully, depending on what kind of facilities you want and need.
  • Make a reservation beforehand: Of course, you can drop by on the spur of the moment. During the peak season, however, it best to be sure to contact the camping sites before arriving.
  • Try it out at home: Never pitched a tent? Got a new caravan? Got a motor home for Christmas? Why don’t you try out the most important moves and features? Go for a test drive. This saves you embarrassment and agitation. And if there is still something that goes wrong, just ask a friendly co-camper. They are sure to have had a similar problem during their past camping experience.
  • Make sure you pack evenly. It is best to put the heaviest things at the bottom and distribute the weight cleverly. This will spare you from accidents and uncomfortable encounters with the police.
  • Abide by traffic regulations: Better go too slowly than too quickly, better too light than too heavy. You know what we mean J!
  • How to think of everything? Lists help you think of everything you need to pack. The best equipment will not be worth anything if you leave it at home.
  • Camping in the wilderness is prohibited! Only go to designated camping areas.
  • Camping 101: Do not pitch your tent under a tree or on a lonely hill: There is the danger of a lightning strike. Choose a flat area, not a trough.
  • Caution with gas cookers and gas lamps inside the tent: There is a danger of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • After camping is before camping: Once you are back home, make sure you substitute all the used or lost material. You will be glad to be ready to go next time around.

Have fun camping in the mountain village Goms!