Erlebnis-Zu Fuss Sommerbericht

UPDATE 8.11.2018

Hiking and biking trails
On the Gommer hiking trail network, hiking trail signals will be removed for winter preparations, especially in altitudes above 1500 meters above sea level. According to our information, hiking and biking trails are accessible except for the following closures and restrictions:

  • The bridges on the Gommer Höhenweg and Gommer Waldweg have been dismantled. The Höhenweg is now closed. The Waldweg between Oberwald and Geschinen is still passable.
  • The bridge on the Rottenweg between Niederwald and Steinhaus has been dismantled.
  • Griespass:
    The section Ladstafe/Abzweigung Griesspass (PostBus stop) to Mändeli is closed until the end of the hiking season in autumn 2018 due to the danger of falling rocks on the Nufenenstock.
    The zone must be generously circumvented via Nufenenpass, Cornopass (see detailed information about the alternatives). Redirection is signalled - especially on the Swiss side.
  • Oberwald - Grimsel Pass
    In the Turitschi area, measures are being taken to maintain the protection forest. The hiking trails marked on the map are therefore inaccessible and will be diverted. Duration of disability: 17 September to 31 October 2018
  • Geschinersee
    Due to construction work, it is currently not possible to circumnavigate the lake.

Safety notice
We recommend good equipment, walking sticks, hiking maps or detailed hiking documentation for the hike. Use only marked hiking trails and follow all signs and instructions - for your own safety, for the protection of grazing animals and in respect for wildlife. Be considerate towards other trail users, plants and animals. Plan your hike carefully, taking into account the required fitness level of all participants, weather forecasts and seasonality. Adequate clothing and provisions (food and drink) are very important. If the weather is unstable, it is better to turn around early. When crossing snowfields and avalanche cones, you should take great care.

Cows and sheep on the trail
Tolerant cooperation is necessary so that the important work of the farmers can take place and our guests can nevertheless enjoy the beautiful alpine meadows on extended hikes. The document "Mit Kuh und Schaf unterwegs" (german only) with maps of the alpine pastures of the region provides useful information and rules of conduct. Comprehensive information on herd protection can be found at the following Internet address: 

Sincerely, your Obergoms