My name originates from an old castle. My former names Castellione (1322) or Obergestillen (1415) reflect that. You will notice that I am not made of larch wood but of massive stone, which is rare in Upper Valais. When most of the village was destroyed in a fire in 1868, the Valais government decided to allow a reconstruction in stone only. The stables and houses were rebuilt in a unique fashion, with straight edges all over. During the Middle Ages, I served as a customs station between Switzerland and Upper Italy. Today, I accommodate a lot of guests who enjoy my golf course and a quiet refuge from their everyday life. My village centre goes back a mere 150 years. However, I’ve been hosting a tree for over 1500 years – probably the oldest tree in Switzerland – that can tell you more about ancient battles, love stories and peasant bickering than all villages in Goms put together.

1355 metres above sea level, population < 220, MGB station, hotel/guesthouse: 3 with 99 beds, restaurant/café: 5, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, sports shop, golf course, bank (Raiffeisen), museums, arable landscape