I am formally known as the principal village of Goms. But do not get the wrong idea. I am totally friendly, not pretentious at all. I am proud of my wonderful traditional appearance. Naturally, modernity has left its marks but my prudent people have protected my integrity. I expanded and got rich over the centuries because I was close to the important trade and traffic routes over the passes. Many a well-known person lived under my roofs: from the 16th to the 18th century, politicians, civil servants and even bishops from Münster became important figures of Valais life. Just look at my stately homes and the works of art in both village churches and you will see the pride my former people felt. And today? Münster, still the principal village of Upper Goms, provides you with a shopping centre as well as various crafts shops and service providers. Yet, it never lost its traditional charm.

1388 metres above sea level, population < 400, MGB station, hotel/guesthouse: 4 with 135 beds, restaurant/café/mountain cottage: 6, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, ski lift, cultural trail, glider airfield, playground with barbecue area, shopping centre, bank (Raiffeisen and Valais Kantonalbank), butchery, bakery, museums, stationary and book shop, tourist information, post office, wool shop, sports shop, hairdresser, library