48. Int. Gommerlauf 1 March 2020

Special Olympics Gommerlauf

Sunday, 1 March 2020

The Special Olympics Gommerlauf takes place one week after the Int. Gommerlauf

The BSOW stage cross-country training sessions for their members on the Loipe Goms trails every Saturday. The sessions start from different points to keep things varied and to allow the athletes, who come from all over Upper Valais, to get to know the Goms region. Besides fitness training, the programme includes games, relays and competitions, with the emphasis on fun. The superbly prepared trails make it easier for the athletes to propel themselves forward on the narrow skis and minimise the deficits they experience because of their disabilities. Balance is a particular problem for the skiers, most of whom are mentally handicapped, as this is a sport that is very demanding on coordination. The glide phase is therefore often shorter.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

The motto for the athletes at the Special Olympics Gommerlauf is: 'The focus on competing well, not winning' 

500 m, 1 km, 3 km and 6 km (2x3 km)

Start fee
CHF 25.00  incl. lunch

Until 7. January 2020 at:
Pit Hofer
Lischweg 14
4803 Vordemwald
P +41 62 751 96 33

Late entry possible until the 28. February 2020. 


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