Online registration

To continue the registration for the competitions, please click on the following red button.


Deadline for online entries: Thursday, 25 February 2021, 11.59 p.m.
*the organisers may change these times at their discretion

Start pen allocation
Start pens are allocated according to results in previous years. Requests for allocation of a new start pen should be sent along with evidence of ability to:

Important: For participation in the Swiss-Loppet at registration in the corresponding line, please write the Swiss Ski membership number.


The Int. Gommerlauf is a Euroloppet race

 Do you want to use the advantages of a Euroloppet Passport owner?

  • 20% discount on the starting fee ( except the lowest starting fee)
  • At least in the 2nd starting group at the Euroloppet races
  • Welcome presents with a worth over 100.00 €
  • Shopping in the Euroloppet Supporting Program (up to 50% discount)

For more information see


Racer Aktion 3+1
Each Euroloppet Passport owner, who participated in the current winter season at least 3 different Euroloppet events, is Euroloppet Racer an will be honored for his performance.

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