Discovery Card

It’s great that you are going to explore the area with me. I am happy to provide numerous discounts during your stay. Get the chance to discover unknown territory! Your Discovery Card.

Discovery Card winter 2019/20 and summer 2020

Due to today's travel and holiday trends and in comparison to similar, alpine holiday destinations, it has been proven that today's guests first and foremost want uncomplicated mobility at their holiday destination.

With this knowledge the "strategic working group discoverer passport" with its representatives from the hotel industry, the vacation home administration, the industrial union second dwellings and the Obergoms tourism AG was not inactive during the summer time and occupied itself with contents and the attractiveness of our guest map discoverer passport .

No Discovery Card Winter 2019/20

  • No direct benefits will be linked to the discovery passport. For this reason, no annual guest cards will be issued and no short-term guest cards will have to be printed out by the landlords/hotels.
  • We would like to draw the attention of our esteemed winter guests to the fact that the best prepared and signposted winter hiking trails as well as the signposted snowshoe trails are 100% financed by the visitor's tax.
  • All regional cross-country ski trail tickets include unlimited free travel on the MGBahn on the route between Oberwald and Fiesch.
  • With the "Gommerpass" (which exists in winter as a season pass, 4-day and 7-day pass for the MGBahn) there has been an attractive offer for public transport users and winter hikers for several years.

Discovery Card summer 2020

We must increase summer and autumn tourism in Obergoms. In order to achieve this, the available funds will be used again in 2020 for beautiful summer and autumn moments "bin insch im Goms".

We are also aiming for an electronic guest card for the summer. This can be sent quite simply as a link by e-mail, stored in the wallet on the mobile phone or printed out on white paper. We try to keep the effort for the hosts within limits. We will continue to work with the same system, there is no change for you here.