Prices and sales points for the cross-country skiing trails


Goms all-season cross-country ski pass (Talisman)
With the all-season pass to the Goms cross-country ski network you can enjoy around 90 kilometres of superbly prepared trails and travel free on the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway.  The cross-country trails (5km) on Simplonpass at almost 2,000 metres above sea level are included in this all-season pass . For a better control, the Talisman pass includes a personal photo of the purchaser. Portrait photos can be taken at the Tourist Info's Oberwald, Münster and Reckingen. The cross-country ski pass must be worn visibly on the trails.
Price: CHF 120.00
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Seasonal cross-country skiing pass Switzerland
For just CHF 140 cross-country fans can practise their hobby on Switzerland's ski trail network (more than 5,500 kilometres) for the entire season. The cross-country ski pass is a national ID card that is accepted by all cross-country skiing organisations in Switzerland. No refund in case of loss.
Price: CHF 140.00
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>> Buy the digital cross-country skiing pass Switzerland (we recommend the purchase of a cross-country pass as a card if you are mainly on the Goms cross-country ski trail)

1-week card (valid for 7 days)
This one-week card is marked with a start and end date and is valid for seven consecutive days. 
Price: CHF 70.00

Day tickets
These cards are issued for one day, two consecutive days, three consecutive days or four consecutive days. The card is marked with a start and end date.
Price: 1-day card CHF 16.00 / 2-day card CHF 30.00 / 3-day card CHF 42.00 / 4-day card CHF 52.00

Additional information
All passes, with the exception of the cross-country skiing pass Switzerland, are also accepted on scheduled trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGBahn) between Fiesch and Oberwald (excluding the Glacier Express, 1st class and commuter travel). Guests of the Fiesch Holiday Village are entitled to free train use from station Fiesch Feriendorf with a valid guest card. The Talisman is valid on the MGBahn during the cross-country season. Group rates (10 or more persons) are available on request at the office of Obergoms Tourismus AG. Children up to 16 years of age ski free of charge.


Village Sales Point
Niederwald Hotel Restaurant Drei Tannen
Blitzingen Kontrollstelle Bodmen (Loipe Goms)
Biel Konsum Grafschaft
Gluringen Hotel Restaurant Tenne
Reckingen Tourist Info Reckingen
Restaurant Geissgädi
Münster Tourist Info Münster (Obergoms Tourismus AG)
Kontrollstelle Matten (Loipe Goms)
Bacher Sport
Hotel Landhaus
Restaurant Walliserhof
Geschinen Elmars Gadä
Ulrichen Nordisches Zentrum (Loipe Goms)
Langlaufcenter Ulrichen
Schweizer Langlaufschule Ulrichen / Garbely
Hotel Restaurant Walser
Obergesteln Hallenbarter Nordic AG
Hotel Restaurant Hubertus
Oberwald Kontrollstelle Oberwald (Loipe Goms)
Bahnhof MGBahn Oberwald
Bahnhofbuffet Oberwald
Tourist Info Oberwald
Pische Sport
Hotel Furka AG
Bellwald Bellwald Tourismus
Ernen Tourismusverein Landschaftspark Binntal
Fiesch Aletsch Arena, Infocenter
Volken Sport GmbH
Burgener Sport
Bahnhof MGB Fiesch
Brig Brig-Simplon Tourismus