Cross-country skiing in Switzerland – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

I glisten in brilliant white. Sometimes I am icy. Sometimes powdery. My surface reflects the sky’s blue. You can slide over me, kick me and pierce me. You get very close to nature. I make you feel better with every minute. Let me introduce myself: My name is trail, cross-country skiing trail.

If you are interested in cross-country skiing, you best come to the mountain village Goms. The bottom of the high valley reaches from Niederwald (1251 m above sea level) to Oberwald (1377 m above sea level). 90 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails perfectly accessible to public transport thanks to the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway.


Competitions for young talent, the Goms Ski Marathon Goms (Int. Gommerlauf) as well as FIS events: We offer it all. By the way: Six employees work 24/7 to maintain the cross-country skiing trails in Goms. The snow groomers cover 16’000 kilometres each winter season to guarantee perfect trail preparation.


Goms can rely on more than 50 years of experience in the field of cross-country skiing. Every sports shop employs professionals. Every cross-country skiing school employs professional instructors. Whether you are a pro yourself or like to enjoy slower paces: The cross-country skiing trails in Goms suit every need.