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My world grew too small. But the summits offered me the view to faraway places. The serenity prepared me for an intensive life. It kept my spirit free for new ideas. The goatherd became a king.  The farmer’s son traveled the world.  Instead of herding goats I now entertain the powerful. I reinvented hospitableness. But – I inherited all this in a mountain valley. This is where it drew me back to eternity.  Because I’m Ceasar Ritz.

It is quite remarkable that two mountain lads from Valais set out at the same time 150 years ago and would go on to fundamentally and sustainably change and coin the hotel business and gastronomy of our world. One of them hails from the side valley Val d’Herens in the Lower Valais and is called Joseph Favre (1849-1903). As a chef, he has founded no less than the «Académie Culinaire de France». His works are being newly discovered at the moment. The second lad grew up to be the world famous Caesar Ritz (1850-1918), the «king of hoteliers and hotelier of kings» from the Goms village Niederwald.


Caesar Ritz, forefather of sophisticated hotel business and founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels grew up in Niederwald, Valais. He had the gift and sense of knowing the essential ingredients of true hospitality. He applied these skillfully and consistently. His idea of hospitality has found its way back to its origin. Today, many Goms hotels and restaurants live according to Caesar Ritz’s philosophy.


In celebration of Caesar Ritz’s 150-years anniversary, numerous activities have been taking place in Goms. They revive Caesar Ritz’s ideas as valuable cultural heritage in order to give you as a guest an understanding of his philosophy. For example, several creative chefs in Goms have crafted new interpretations of the culinary legacy and serve special Ritz menus. The following restaurants serve the delights:

  • Pension Restaurant Albrun, Binn
  • Hotel and Restaurant Drei Tannen, Niederwald
  • Hotel and Restaurant Castle, Blitzingen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Tenne, Gluringen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Joopi, Reckingen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Blinnenhorn, Reckingen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Landhaus, Münster
  • Hotel and Restaurant Croix d’Or et Poste, Münster
  • Restaurant Baschi, Geschinen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Walser, Ulrichen
  • Hotel and Restaurant Grimsel, Obergesteln
  • Hotel and Restaurant Furka, Oberwald
  • Hotel and Restaurant Rhonequelle, Oberwald
  • Hotel and Restaurant Ahorni, Oberwald 


You can visit Ritz’s final resting place, his birth house as well as a memorial in Niederwald. The Caesar Ritz trail around Niederwald introduces hikers or snowshoers to his life. You will find additional information on Caesar Ritz and his interesting life on the website

Caesar Ritz

Anniversary 2018