Biking in Switzerland - naturally in Goms, the mountain village

Is that all you can do? I am bored to death! Come on! Can’t you break through? Am I too hard on you? Set me in a softer mode. That’ll be fun. Or put me to the test! Feed me single trails, roots, rocks and bunny hops! You think you’re cool? Well, you don’t know me yet. I am your suspension fork.

Okay, not all suspension forks are that «evil». Not everyone has to turn into a mountain bike pro in Goms. One thing is certain, though: The suspension fork on your bike will not be bored here.


Beside the rather easy Rhône Route 1, you can choose from the following more demanding routes:

  • Gämschfax
  • Galmihornhütte
  • Grimsel

If you want to participate in a competition, join the Goms Bike Race at the end of July. The round trip in Blitzingen offers a variety of terrains. Your suspension fork will be excited. Promise!


Speedy, racy downhill trails in Bellwald will get you pumped. The trails are accessible by cable car. Even pros reach their limits competing in international downhill races. Every suspension fork will squeak until you reach the finish line.


During the past few years, Goms and Upper Valais have established themselves as biker’s paradise: Plenty of bike routes are accessible by train or cable car. Biker hotels and specialised bike shops guarantee an excellent all-round service for individual travellers and offer everything for your perfect guided tour. Families love the relaxing bike or e-bike ride along the Rhône. Our mountain village Goms is the ideal starting point for tours in the Upper Valais. For further information, contact one of our tourist information centres.