Scavenger Hunt Ulrichen – A foray into a mountain village

Hello! My name is Jodok. I am a «Säumer», a tradesman crossing the Alps with my pack animal. Just yesterday, I guided my heavily packed mule over Grimselpass. Today, we want to take a rest in the village of Ulrichen but, first, we want to enjoy a great time with you. Will you accompany us on a special discovery tour? You will need to demonstrate your quiz skills. Bring your wit and dexterity and we will be sure to enjoy a unique adventure. Excitement and fun guaranteed! In the end, you will even get a small surprise gift.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon,
Jodok and his little mule


2 to 3 hours

Open June to October
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 7 pm (latest possible start time 4 pm)
Saturday – Sunday, 8 am – 7 pm (latest possible start time 4 pm)

- in advance if possible
- … but we are also open to spontaneous visitors
- Groups: booking up to three days before event
- Monday-Friday: at the tourist offices Reckingen, Münster and Oberwald

Adults (16+): CHF 16.00
Kids (-16): CHF 10.00

Groups of five and more
15% discount on regular price (except guest card holders)

Guest card holders
Adults (16+): CHF 12.00
Kids (-16): CHF 7.50

German and French

Recommended for
Individual travelers, families, kids starting from age 10 accompanied by adults
Groups, clubs, school classes (starting from secondary school)

Number of people
at least 2 people
for groups of 8 people and more we recommend splitting up the group and starting at different times

Liability lies with the participants

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