MGBahn hike and rail

You really do not need your car when travelling to and around Goms. The Gommer Pass issued by the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGBahn) allows you to take any train on the route Fiesch-Oberwald. This way, you can start your tour in the valley almost anywhere you like and board a train home later in the day. The postbus (Postauto) will even take you up the passes Furka, Grimsel and Nufenen – and down again.

Gommer Pass 4 days 7 days


CHF 48.00 CHF 68.00
1/2-Abo, children CHF 24.00 CHF 34.00
  • Prices for Second Class
  • Family discount (Junior-/Enkelkarte for parents and grandparents) are not valid. Neither are point-to-point season tickets (Streckenabonnementen).
  • The Gommer Pass is exclusively sold at the stations of the MGBahn.