Hire an electric car – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

E-mobility is constantly getting better and more popular. The mountain village Goms rents out a modern e-Golf for little money. Leave your car at home and glide silently through Goms.

We support an environmentally and socially friendly way of living and we try to support economising of resources. Do your share and hire the latest Volkswagen e-Golf. Everyone can rent it.

The range of the e-Golf is up to 180 kilometres. If you want to drive further than that, you need to plan ahead.

Rent an electric VW Golf for a day!

  • Rent: CHF 50.00 per day and car
  • Time card: 5 for 4 days of rent valid June 20, 2016 – June 30, 2019.
  • Online-Rental, overview of the rental station in Obergoms, further informations.
  • You will find further information on the offer and the project if by clicking HERE.