Ride a fatbike – naturally in Goms, the mountain village

I put a smile on your face. I cheer you up. You will forget your daily routine. You will leave the stress behind. I make sure you will remember me. I am your riding enjoyment.

Have you ever been on a fatbike before? It is actually really fun and makes riding a bike possibl and safe even in the snow. A fatbike is nothing else than a mountain bike with oversized tyres. Thanks to these tyres, you can easily bike on snow-covered trails. They are kind of like snow shoes for bikes.

In order to train in winter and improve your technique, fatbikes are a good option for biking fans who miss mountain biking in the long winter months. If you just want to have a go, you will quickly realise how much fun the ride is. The best thing is to go on a fatbike tour in a group. Whether it be a company outing, club activity or adventure with your family and friends, fatbiking is a good way to get action as well as heaps of fun.


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