On the Rhone Route 1 from Oberwald to Brig

The Rhone Route crosses the Upper Valais in front of the stunning mountain panorama on quiet scenic paths. Be sure to stop along the way to have a break in the enchanting picturesque villages.

The adventure starts in the cool morning breeze. Very soon, the sun will rise above the mountain tops to warm up your chilled hands. The flat and smooth terrain of the valley even allowed the construction of airfields near Ulrichen and Münster. You will take a comfortable journey on your bike along natural meandering paths.

The numerous restaurants in the alpine villages invite you to take a relaxing break. Afterwards, you are welcome to take a walk through the village. You will be amazed at the meandering footpaths along quaint gardens and suntanned cottages. Once you are in Ausserbinn, we suggest you take a small detour to Binn, which is an easy ascent to the mysterious valley of minerals.

Continue following the signposts along the way going up and down through the Twingi Gorge. Riding down to Brig can be quite exhilarating and you will soon see the bulbous spires of Stockalp Castle sparkling in the evening sun. The wonderful finale is to leave your bike and take a stroll around the centre of Brig.


Tour details

  • Length: 50 km, 20 km on unpaved road
  • Elevation gain: Oberwald to Brig +420/-1100m
  • Elevation gain: Brig to Oberwald -1100/+420m
  • Requirements: medium skills, medium level of fitness