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Winter Hiking

Oberwald - Biel (Hangweg)

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  • / Hangweg
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  • / Hangweg
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14.5 km
4:30 h
141 m
224 m
This winter hike leads through the original Gommer mountain villages on the sunny side of the valley between Oberwald and Biel. The path allows for relaxing pleasure hiking. Plan the length of your hiking trail at your discretion. The Matterhorn Gotthard train takes you comfortably back from every village to your starting point.

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Safety information

The use of the winter hiking trails is at your own risk. Obergoms Tourismus AG disclaims all liability and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website.

Take a map with you or download the complete description of the route with a large-scale map. Use only signposted paths and observe all markings and signs - for your own safety, for the protection of the landscape and in respect for wildlife. Be considerate of other users. Take your rubbish and that of others with you.

Weather conditions in the mountains can change very quickly and without warning. Adequate clothing and provisions (food and drink) are very important. If the weather is unstable, it is better to turn around early. Carry additional sun protection with you. UV rays at high altitudes can be very strong, especially in winter, even when the sky is overcast.

Plan your tour carefully and in detail. Inform yourself in advance about the current conditions (avalanche danger, cross-country ski runs, winter hiking trails, snow trails and road conditions) and weather conditions. The winter sports report provides you with valuable information from the region.


We recommend:
  • Good footwear and walking sticks
  • Sun and rain protection and warm clothing
  • Detailed map or information material with good tour preparation
  • Provisions for your day in the great outdoors
  • Pocket pharmacy and mobile phone for emergencies

Tips, hints and links


Oberwald, station (1366 m)
46.530852, 8.342712
32T 449593 5153241

Turn-by-turn directions

Oberwald - Obergesteln - Ulrichen - Geschinen - Münster - Reckingen - Gluringen - Ritzingen - Biel

Public transport

The regional trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway take you from Brig to Oberwald in 1h 23 min. The Goms valley is also easily accessible from the Zurich / Lucerne via Andermatt and the Furka base tunnel. The timetables for all trains can be found at

Getting there

From Brig follow cantonal road No 19 (Furkastrasse) for 40km to Oberwald. The Goms valley is also easily accessible from direction Zurich / Lucerne via Andermatt – car transport Furka. The Alpine passes Furka, Grimsel and Nufenen are closed in winter.

The timetables for the car transport Furka can be found at


Parking spaces are available in the vicinity of the railway station or in the village of Oberwald. Follow the local parking guidance system.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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14.5 km
4:30 h
141 m
224 m


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