For fishermen and other aficionados

I wriggle. I sacrifice myself for your enjoyment. Some think I am a delicacy. But not you. You want what likes me. You want the fish. I, however, am the worm on your rod.

Obergoms has plenty of beautiful natural rivers and lakes that allow fishermen to indulge in their passion: The fish farm in Biel, the Aegina on Nufenen Pass, the “Young Rhône”, the Totensee (dead lake) on Grimsel Pass and Lake Geschinen (built in 2003).


Tuesdays and Fridays are close days for fishing in all brooks, the Upper Rhône and its tributary waters and channels. Only if these days coincide with a Valais holiday, they do not count as close days. Close days do not apply for mountain lakes.


In Switzerland, you need a patent if you want to go fishing. One- or two-day passes can be bought from the following places in OBergoms:

  • Hisport, Oberwald, T +41 27 973 11 03
  • Fischzucht Biel (fish farm), T +41 77 499 73 29
  • Request patents online here
  • For further information on patents, points of sale or prices, follow the LINK.


In Lake Geschinen (west of the dam), you are only allowed to do fly fishing (with a patent). Salmonids need to be at least 30 cm and there is a maximum of four fishes a day.


The fish farm is a treat for passionate anglers as well as beginners. Please get in touch with us beforehand if you are a group.

Grafschaft village – fish farm Biel, Eye (follow the signs saying “Fischen”)

Fischzucht La Cantina
Monika Vincenzini
3989 Biel VS
T +41 77 499 73 29

Opening hours

Season End 31 august 2019