The ViaSbrinz (regional route 40) leads from Stansstad through the Joch pass, in five day stages, from Central Switzerland to Haslital valley, and continues over the Alpine pass Grimsel into Obergoms, and on to Obergesteln. From there it continues over the Gries pass to Ponte in Italy. The old trade route for the export of the hard cheese "Sbrinz", which was popular in Northern Italy even in the early days, can be walked as a long-distance hike, or in stages, as a day tour. In Obergoms, the path leads from the Grimsel pass to the Gries pass, whereby it is best to start at the Grimsel pass, stay over night in Obergesteln or Ulrichen, and finally take the path to the Gries pass. From the Gries pass you can continue to descend to Ponte (I), or turn back at the post bus stop, on the Gries pass branch towards Obergoms.

The individual stages at a glance:

  • Stages 1: Stansstad - Engelberg
  • Stages 2: Engelberg - Engstlenalp
  • Stages 3: Engstlenalp - Guttannen
  • Stages 4: Guttannen - Obergesteln
  • Stages 5: Obergesteln - Ponte (I)

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