Rottenweg "Rotten Trail"

Oberwald - Obergesteln - Ulrichen - Geschinen - Münster - Reckingen - Gluringen - Ritzingen - Biel - Selkingen - Blitzingen - Niederwald - weiter bis Brig

The practically level Rotten Trail (the "Rotten" is what the young Rhone is called in Obergoms) along the young Rhône is ideal to explore the Obergoms. Sometimes over wide meadows, sometimes through lightly wooded areas, the Rotten Trail leads from village to village. This pleasant hiking path therefore positively invites you to get to know the excellent Obergoms gastronomy. Pushchairs or bicycles are also often seen on the Rotten Trail. A path to enjoyment for young and old, large and small.


Starting point:

Train station Oberwald


Train station Niederwald (optional Mörel or Brig)

How to get there:

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn


Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

Technique / Difficulty:


Fitnesss requirements:


Vertical metres:

+ 150 m / - 250 m

Total hiking time:

ca. 5 h
can be defined in different stages


In mid-May - October

Restaurants and pubs:

In practically every village stop for refreshment


Oberwald, Obergesteln, Ulrichen, Münster, Reckingen, Gluringen, Ritzingen, Biel, Blitzingen, Niederwald

Literatur / Maps:

- Map of walks Goms 1:25'000
- Panoramic map Obergoms