icn_sommerbericht Summer Report


  • Tu, 19.06.
    5° / 24°
  • We, 20.06.
    5° / 25°
  • Th, 21.06.
    7° / 23°

UPDATE 14.06.2018

The following hiking and bike trails and sections are already open and accessible:

  • Rottenweg, Rhoneroute No. 1 (hiking and cycling trail):
    Between Oberwald and Ernen continuously passable.
    --> In the avalanche cone at Bettulbach between Niederwald and Steinhaus a passage was worked out.
         Take great care when crossing the snow field (approx. 150m) and the bridge.
    --> The construction site between Oberwald and Obergesteln near Steinibach is passable.
    Gommer Höhenweg:
  • Bellwald - Gluringen accessible
    Reckingen Wiler - Münster, Riti walkable
  • Waldweg:
    Oberwald - Ritzingen, Birchlöüwene accessible
  • Niederwald - Bellwald (Forest trail via Eggiweid-Bonacher and trail via Etzweid-Kapelle St. Anna)
  • Ulrichen - Üerlichergale
  • Hungerberg (incl. circular trail)
  • Oberwald - Gletsch
  • Ulrichen - Randstafel (via Senntumhitte)
  • Obergesteln - Grimselboden 
  • Circular trail Geschinersee

All other hiking and biking trails are continuously worked on, but have not yet been officially approved.

Hiking trails in general
Most of the hiking and mountain trails in Obergoms are still snow-covered above 2000 m. For this reason, markings and signals may still be hidden under the snow or may not yet have been installed. Great care must be taken when crossing snow fields and avalanche cones. We recommend good equipment, hiking poles, hiking maps or detailed hiking documentation for the hike.

The considerable amount of snow last winter has left its mark. Those responsible for the hiking trails are trying to repair the network of hiking trails as well and as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding!

Sincerely, your Obergoms