Service-Tourismustaxen Guest card and tourist taxes in the mountain village Goms

I exist for your benefit. I enable things you love. Still, you do not really care much about me. I do, however, promote many good things. You can relax on benches because of me. I make sure you do not get lost in the mountains. I provide the necessary news. You get all kinds of discounts because of me. Treat me nicely, I am the tourist tax.


Visitors who stay in the mountain village Goms for more than one day, automatically receive the guest card after paying the visitor’s taxes. Note: The earlier you pay the tax, the more often you can benefit from the guest card offers. Just make use of some of the offers on your guest card and you will be recompensed for what you spent on the tax. Benefit from a nice set of offers and discounts. Find out about your options.


The law of February 9, 1996 on tourism of the Canton Valais provides clear legal guidelines: The communal administrations collect taxes and transfer them to Obergoms Tourismus AG. The levy, collection and use of the taxes is subject to periodical state controls. It is largely due to these tourist and visitor’s tax that our region can fulfil its duties in tourism.


Each owner, renter, long-term tenant or guest in a holiday apartment who is not a resident of the municipality of Goms or Upper Goms has to pay a visitor’s tax. The visitor’s tax is billed for every over-night stay.
Children under 6 are not subject to the tax. However, they need to be recorded for statistical purposes.

Visitor’s tax rates Adults Children (6-16) Children (0-6)
Per overnight stay

CHF 2.50

CHF 1.25

CHF 0.00

Annual flat rate (30+ overnight stays)

CHF 75.00

CHF 37.50

CHF 0.00


Each adult’s overnight stay that is subject to the visitor’s tax as well as all the children’s stays need to be declared. Obergoms Tourismus AG provides registration books or similar templates. The completed yellow forms or lists of overnight stays must be submitted by April 20 (winter season) and October 20 (summer season) to Obergoms Tourismus AG or the local tourist information. The reporting obligation applies even if no overnight stay subject to the tax can be recorded.


You have the option to pay the visitor’s tax as annual flat rate. The annual rate for adults is CHF 75.00 and for children (6-16 Jahre) CHF 37.50. Children under 6 need to be recorded.
The annual flat rate applies for 30 overnight stays and more.

Tourism year

Our tourism year starts November 1 and ends October 31.


Changes in terms of ownership or usage of apartments as well as billing of the visitor’s tax need to be reported immediately to Obergoms Tourismus AG or the local tourist information.


Guests who spend one or more nights in our region obtained with the payment of the tourist tax, the guest card. Benefit from a diverse range of benefits. Check with us or our website about your options.


Everyone renting out a holiday apartment is required by law to promote tourism levy. The rates are

1 - 2-room apartment

CHF 120.00

2 ½ - 3-room apartment

CHF 150.00

3 ½-room apartment (and more)

CHF 180.00