On the trail of climate and renewable energy

Audio Adventure Goms consists of audio stories to which you can listen on your smart phone on-site. The stories are about the climate and renewable energies. You can listen to the audio tracks at random or scheduled, walking, cross-country skiing or biking.

In the area between Oberwald and Fiesch, 33 audio stories await your detection. All of the stations come with a QR code, which you can scan and immediately play on your smartphone. Only those who pay attention will find all the stops along the Rotten trail.… This walk will take you approximately 240 minutes. Listening to the audio tracks will take you 150 minutes. Depending on the means of transport (hiking, e-biking, cycling, cross-country skiing), these times may vary.

If you wish, you can easily download and listen to the tales beforehand (www.myclimate-audio-adventure.ch). You can rent audio guide headphones free of charge at the Tourist Info Münster.

  • Mountainbike-Tour
    Beautiful bike-tour in nature. During the tour one gets rewarded for the effort: great view into Blinne- and Bächi valley, to Weisshorn and Matterhorn, to Galenstock and down into Rhone valley. At Galmihorn hut you can relax from the exertions and prepare for the downhil biking.
  • Mountainbike-Tour
    Demanding bike-tour with magnificent panorama! The alpine path allows deep insights into impressing mountain landscape of Obergoms area. Who seeks sportive challenges in nature, far away from hectic tourist flow, will definitely get their money's worth.
  • Velo - Tour
    The more or less even trail Rottenweg, alongside young Rhone river is perfect to explore Obergoms. At one point across wide meadows, at another point through sparse forest the Rottenweg trail leads from village to village. This comfortable biking trail therefore really invites to discover the ...
  • Mountainbike-Tour
    The bike training route is a technically demanding circuit. It was created thanks to the «Bike-Rennen Goms», which is considered an event of a special kind among the insiders of the cross country scene. In the fast pace the biker sweeps over juicy mountain meadows and tricky singletrails in the ...
  • Mountainbike-Tour
    A tour start with a magnificent alpine Panorama, beginning on the top of Grimsel Pass. Past the legendary «Totensee», you will soon reach the highest point at 2206 m above sea level. Here starts the long descent on the former mule track into the Obergoms valley.